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Discover the origin of the Halloween Holiday Halloween holiday costume contest costume parties october 31 trick or treat buildingblocksacademynet

Discover the origin of the Halloween Holiday

Since September is about to end and we are entering the festive month of Halloween. We all seem excited about the celebrations, especially kids who love to disguise and participating in activities like costume contest, trick or treat and other related on the night of October

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US Independence Day

It’s a sunny day, and you wake up to the marching bands playing the best patriotic song, the aroma of your home filled with grilled hot dogs, your street all decorated with red, white & blue, and your phone exploding with your friends block party plans,

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Basic Traits in children building blocks academy Blog3

Basic Character Traits in children

The values that a person believes in and exhibits in his personality are character traits. Such traits regulate the actions, decisions, and behaviors of a person. Positive character traits need to be developed in children from an early age. Parents should invest their time developing positive

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