Schoolers Childcare Assistance Program

  • Engaging Afternoon Activities: Our after-school teachers offer enjoyable and educational activities to keep your child active and learning until pick-up time.
  • Healthy Snack Time: Children start their after-school adventure with a nutritious snack to energize them for the afternoon.
  • Homework Assistance: We provide a structured schedule that allows students to complete homework with the guidance and assistance of our teachers.
  • Fun and Games: After homework, students have the opportunity to engage in games and fun activities while in our care, promoting both learning and enjoyment.
  • Holiday and Vacation Learning: During holidays and vacations, we offer age-appropriate practice activities to ensure students continue learning even outside of school.
  • Exciting Field Trips: During Spring Break and the Summer, students get to participate in exciting field trips, adding an extra layer of adventure to their educational journey.




  • Haley Elementary Heights Elementary
  • Roosevelt Wilson Elementary
  • Guajardo Elementary
  • Primary Elementary

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