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Building Blocks Academy
Building Blocks Academy
Building Blocks Academy
Building Blocks Academy
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About Building Blocks Academy


Back in 2010, Mr. Abdul began his incredible journey with the foundation of our childcare center. His mission was simple yet profound: to help the children of hardworking parents in Houston with genuine love and an exclusive educational approach that makes learning an absolute blast. Out of faith, sheer determination, and a ton of passion, he founded Building Blocks Academy La Marque – a place where kids grow and develop strong. We applaud Mr Abdul's dedication to improving the lives of students and his ability to see the big picture at Building Blocks Academy.

Our Mission: 

At Building Blocks Academy La Marque, we want every child to feel secure, loved, entertained, and inspired by their time spent with us. We are devoted to forming an environment in which children can develop psychologically, emotionally, and physically by delivering an advanced curriculum taught by qualified professionals in a secure environment.

Our Vision:

At Building Blocks Academy La Marque, we believe that every child has the potential to create a brighter, more promising future. Together, we build the foundation upon which their dreams and aspirations will stand strong.

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Building Blocks Academy
Building Blocks Academy
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