Basic Character Traits in children

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The values that a person believes in and exhibits in his personality are character traits. Such traits regulate the actions, decisions, and behaviors of a person. Positive character traits need to be developed in children from an early age. Parents should invest their time developing positive character traits if they want their children to succeed. Children have impressionable minds; they are quick learners, and therefore, whatever they learn at an early age goes along their whole life and helps them.

Parents should develop these Basic character traits in children 

Just as academic learning is crucial for children, positive character traits are also necessary to build them a constructive pillar of society. These traits affect every aspect of life, and thus their professional and personal growth depends on them. 

Below are the character traits, that should be developed in children from an early age.


Besides educating your children academically, creativity is also really important for them. As a parent, you need to encourage your children to spend some time in innovative activities like digital photography, dance, music, life story work, pottery, gardening, etc. These activities will polish their problem-solving skills and develop communication abilities.

Learn to ask

Questioning is also one of the traits that result in active thinking. Curiosity is the key to discoveries and inventions. Hence, it is beneficial to let children ask as many questions as they need about the cause. Parents should encourage their children by teaching them different things, history or anything of their interest as well as taking them to new places to visit.


It is significant for children to be able to cope with the pain and stress they face. Parents should not be shielding them from traumas. When you allow them to face difficulties, they become resilient. They can better handle complicated situations and not run away from them. 


How a child acts depends on how he feels about himself. He feels happy and confident if he has positive self-esteem. Developing confidence in children should also be at the top of your parenting list. Realistic admiring and rewarding children on positive behaviors and other good deeds will boost their confidence. 


Parents should also develop a sense of empathy in children and care for others. This act inculcates emotional intelligence and brings community care skills among children. 


Tolerance is also one of the character traits that children do not possess nowadays. The fast pace world has changed the temperament of our generation. The importance of right time and gratification must be the ability in children. Parents need to focus on this trait as its often neglected. 


Making the right decision fair choice, being honest and truthful in every situation should be taught to children. They should be growing as a reliable individual; honesty should be on their top priority list. Moreover, they should learn to accept their actions and not make false decisions because of the fear of consequences. They should also learn to accept the result of their actions.


The growth and progress of a child are often affected by inflexibility. Adaptability is helpful for children in adjusting to new environments and changes. Adaptable children are team players and flexible, which helps them get out of difficult situations. 


The ability to do something you are afraid of is real courage and bravery. Overcoming your fear by being courageous makes you strong to face any challenge in life. So, parents should let children do the things they are afraid of and make them able to get out of their comfort zone. 


Optimism is what keeps you motivated to achieve your aims. Being positive and hopeful about the outcome of your actions or anything expected takes you to success. If children have this quality, they will learn something from every failure. Such children are ready to take challenges and risks thus they build strong bonds and have more chances of success. 


Gratitude is also one of the virtues that children must possess. Fostering gratitude in children helps them live a fulfilled and contented life. Through this quality, children become productive and creative. Parents must teach children the importance of gratitude, as it is a key to a happy life. 


A proactive approach in children helps them become preventive. They know what has to be done even before asking them. Parents can help children in mastering their attributes, enabling them to set goals & developing leadership attitudes.


This character trait prevents children from making impulsive decisions. Staying calm under stressful or complicated situations and handling pressure is extremely important. This quality should be taught to children on priority, as serenity helps to deal with stress too.


Being respectful is also one of the necessary traits. Children often neglect to respect the opinions of others due to their self-esteem. However, respecting others’ opinions, and disagreeing without talking down is also important in confident children. Children develop this trait as they see their parents doing. Thus, parents are responsible totally for building such personalities of children that they avoid hurting others and equally value the opinion of others. 

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