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Spread kindness – Christmas is around the corner

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Find yourself kind and helpful this Christmas for people around you! 

The festive season is around the corner, so is the time to pack the sack of kindness. Little acts like contributing to the food bank, helping aged people, and giving kindness elves to children can bring a big smile. 

Christmas is associated with happiness and joy, it is a cheerful season for many, but at the same time, it can be a time of worry for some people. Maybe some are mourning for the loss of loved ones, while others may be fending for their family. 

Christmas may occupy you too much that your busyness lets you forget the actual feel of the event and what matters. Let us be inspiring rather dizzying! Some ideas can help you spread joy and kindness this holiday season. 

Make Contribution to a local food bank

Since this is a time of sharing and caring, let us give others what we can to those in need! Donating food supplies to your nearest foodbank or collection center is the foremost act of kindness. At first, check for the nearest food banks looking for the stuff and if there is a due date to submit things. Rest you can also donate food at:  

  • Collections points in supermarkets
  • Directly to the nearest foodbank
  • Arrange a collection booth for local food banks at your place of work/school/university or related places.

The supplies like dry goods, canned items, and storeroom basics are always needed for foodbanks. These things are easy to arrange and the best way to help.

Impart gifts – Christmas Sack of Kindness

The idea is a really good way to start a chain of joy! The Christmas Sack of Kindness filled with goodies is another way to pass on gifts and share joy. Leave a goodies bag (such as a treat of sweets and other consumable items) with a tag for passing instructions at someone’s doorstep. They will be surprised to find and enjoy a lot; in turn, they have to refill and repeat the same. You can buy a traditional Christmas sack of kindness that you can pass with any extra instructions.


Do not forget pets! Donate for them

Our pets are part of our daily lives how can we forget them? Donating pet supplies to the local shelter is also a unique way to spread kindness this Christmas. The lockdown has overflowed the pet shelter houses and rescue centers which is sad, but you can donate some toys like a ping-pong ball or Catmint, or you can check the needs and regulations of the nearest shelter houses for making any donation.


Friendship plant

Many good plants grow indoor and are really good to gift your beloved friends, whom you have not met for so long. Plants like Cranberry blossoms, Poinsettia, Orchids, Amaryllis, and others that grow indoor throughout the year may be a great choice to gift your friends this Christmas. Your little present will show them the affection you bear for them despite the distance.  

Other different friendship plants that signify kindness and can be considered a thoughtful present may be used to gift your friends.


Remember your elderly Neighbors

According to a more than three million aged group, people do not attend such festive events, they usually avoid it because they feel hollow and lonely. They mostly spend days without talking to someone, and such joyful events make them feel emptier. So, this Christmas is a time for you to reach them, just check up if they need anything like food supplies or other stuff from the market. You can get them to market, or even simply a phone call greeting will be good for them.

Remembering Older Relatives And Neighbours -

Token of Love – donate toys to a Children’s hospital

As the R. L. Stevenson says! Children are the source of joy and happiness, and what can be best than gifting toys to a Children’s hospital? Seeing happy children on Christmas is an absolute joy!


In the children’s hospitals, many kids are sick hence, they cannot be at their homes to spend holidays, so donating toys to them should also be on your list to practice kindness. Stocking fillers, Construction kits, computer games, portable DVD and CD players, Arts and Crafts, and headphones are some of the toys that children mostly enjoy. You will also feel content knowing that someone out there is smiling because of you.

Elf on the Shelf

Buying the kindness elves is another way to show children kindness and teach them the value of kindness. The kindness elves are a symbol of sharing, thankfulness, and serenity, they encourage children to do small acts of kindness in their daily routine. So why not bring them home? It will remind them that they should be kind every day to their siblings, neighbors, and other friends.


The set usually has two kindness elves with their crafted house that has a working mailbox to receive elf mail. Kindness Elves leave a short note every day for children to find and act accordingly. The idea is great for children for character building. 

Make a Donation 

The last year was a high record of $471 billion to charity in the US, let us make this year too! No matter what the amount is, whether $5, $10 or $50 your donation is always going to make a difference for the survivors.


Christmas is the best time to donate, support, and show love to everyone. Find charity organizations near you and add your kindness coin to their saving box. 

The simplest thing to do – a thank you note 

Your simple thank you note to a delivery driver, postman/Postwoman, or a bin collector can go a long way to them. You might not have noticed that these people work hard throughout the pandemic while making your life simple. The little thank you note is an acknowledgment of their efforts.


Above are just a few acts of kindness, but there are many like Making a sweet treat for your mailman, making a card for a neighbor, leaving kindness stones in the park, singing Christmas carols for your neighbors, etc. You can also discover your own ways to make others content this Christmas. Since the season is more than just holidays and shopping, make it a way to slow down and spread the joy of giving. 

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