Building Blocks Academy - A Lifetime of a Commitment
If you were to ask us what kind of standards we have at our childcare center-- of course we would say that we follow the state guidelines.  But we go beyond that, we set our standards pretty high and as parents ourselves, we understand how important this is to you.
Learning is such a wonderful experience for young children.  Everyday that they are in the classroom, they are learning and enhancing their minds with experiences that surround them.
The daily curriculum that we have chosen for ages 2- PreK 4 is Frog Street Press with High Reach Learning.  These are fun and theme based!
We are proud to announce the new addition of ABEKA for 3's and Pre-K
We want this experience for your child to be one that your child remembers positively.  We have strong Christian values that run deep and we're proud of the fact that we can help sow the seeds that were already planted by you!